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Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Promote your business on LinkendIn

1. It sounds obvious, but abounding businesses accept yet to assurance up for an account. Sherman recommends bushing out all of the tabs offered. This includes a able logo, a hotlink to a Twitter feed, a abrupt overview of aggregation milestones, and more.

2. Appearance off what you do.

LinkedIn allows companies to affectation up to three articles or casework in the anatomy of 640 x 220 pixel images. This gives visitors an simple beheld representation of what your aggregation does. Everybody loves pictures.

3. Get recommendations from users.

Is accepting affable cool? Canadians anticipate so.

When you set up your company's page, LinkedIn will accord you the advantage to get recommendations, by default. You should not alone do this, but get as abounding as you can. Sherman recommends—much like annihilation on LinkedIn—that you carbon and adapt the absence advocacy appeal message. This is acceptable to access the acknowledgment to your advocacy requests.

4. Accord others an central attending at your aggregation through visuals.

Sherman recommends affairs a Flipcam for YouTube testimonials—but that ability be not even be necessary. Short videos can be recorded and calmly uploaded with a lot of smartphones, acceptance for you to bound accord glimpses into your company. Everyone loves appointment tours.

5. Use cachet updates like Facebook.

LinkedIn's cachet updates acquiesce others to like and animadversion on cachet updates on aggregation pages — abundant like Facebook. Sherman says LinkedIn's own abstracts advance bisected of its users are afterward companies, so there's affluence of allowance for added access and admirers amid your aggregation and LinkedIn users.
Sherman uses HubSpot as a prime archetype of how you can about-face LinkedIn cachet updates into cartage and ultimately sales.

6. Connect with companies you are absorbed in.
Follow companies, collaborate with the employees, and a lot of importantly, learn. LinkedIn allows you to see allotment of accession aggregation afterwards anytime accepting up from your desk. Whether it's B2B sales or a new job vacancy, abstraction the aggregation you are aggravating to collaborate with on LinkedIn. Furthermore, collaborate with its employees, who you can aswell see on LinkedIn.

7. Use LinkedIn Events to advance your offline meetings, barrage parties and conferences.

Create an accident page, ample out all the advice you can, and allure others to attend. Remember, if anyone accepts an allurement to attend, it will appearance up on their LinkedIn profile, extending the ability of the event.

8. Remember to use LinkedIn's appearance afore the event.

Introduce yourself to others afore the event. Sherman recommends sending a claimed bulletin to those you've not affiliated with before. In addition, yield time to apprentice who will be at the event—this way you can aerate your time better. If you are activity absolutely ambitious, allure them into your arrangement afore the event; if not—add them afterwards the event.


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